Tubular Inspection and Maintenance Services  
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Tubular Inspection and Maintenance Services 

We have a pool of experience personnel who understand your needs and the Malaysian environment and equipment to provide the following service :- We provide

A. NDT Inspection ( as per API Spec 5CT, RP 5A5, API Spec 7, RP 7G and T.H.Hill DS-1) for oilfields services.

1. On Tabulaat (OCTG)

a) Casing
b) Tubing
c) New and used Drill Pipes

2. On Handling Tools and Weldments.

B. Maintenance Service

External and internal cleaning, external and internal blasting (Labuan only), external and internal coating on casing, tubing and all other tubulars.

C. Hardbanding Service

Hardbanding on tool joint using chromed carbide, chromed alloy or tungsten carbide.

D. Pressure Testing on pipe and other equipments to maximum 15000psi.

E. To supply equipment and provide personnel for works at client location onshore/offshore.

Auto MIG Welding Machine
t01.jpg t02.jpg t03.jpg
Auto MIG Welding Machine
Hardband Using 60/80 Mesh Crushed Tungsten Carbide on Hewi-wate Tool Joint
Hardbanding Using Arnco 200XT
EMI Unit (Digiscope) For Inspection of Used Drill Pipe and Tubing
Multiprobe Ultrascan For Ultrasonic End Area Inspection
Mechanical cleaning Machine for OD cleaning (form size 2 3/8" to 13 3/8") and Plus ID cleaning with motor attach with brush.
ID Coating with ID coat machine
OD coat on Tabulars
MPI on connection services ( Blacklight, Magnetic Coil )
Full Length Drift for Casing and Tubing, available for various size.